Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nike SB High Top Squirtle Dunks Shoes For Sale Custom

Nike SB High Top Squirtle Dunks Shoes For Sale Custom  

Squirtle was one of 151 different designs conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalised by Ken Sugimori for the first generation of Pocket Monsters games Red and Green, which were localized outside Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue. Originally called "Zenigame" in Japanese, Nintendo decided to give the various Pokémon species "clever and descriptive names" related to their appearance or features when translating the game for western audiences as a means to make the characters more relatable to American children. Squirtle's English name comes from a combination of the words "squirt" and "turtle."

Nike dunks squirtle sneakers is one high tops . The nike squirtle shoes is one custom pattern . Created from squirtle custom .

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